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Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about owning a racehorse and SJ Racing. If you would like to know more, then use our contact form to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an owner, what am I entitled to?

You own the horse! You are entitled to have input on the naming of your horse, its movements, schedules, etc. Owner privileges include race day entry, member’s tickets, mounting yard access, promotional gear and open days. Owners have control during and after its racing career. Such decisions will be made as a group along with the racing manager and trainer. No decision on your horse is made without the input of each owner.

As an owner, what correspondence do I receive regarding my horse?

Owners receive email updates at a minimum of once per week. These emails at times include photos, video footage and audio reports on your horse and are designed to keep you informed as to its progress and movements. When trialling or racing, field nominations, pre-race and post-race comments on your horse are forwarded along with any other relevant information. We also hold stable open days, paddock visits and track work sessions which allow our owners to be as involved as possible.

What should I expect during my racehorse ownership experience?

While you may stumble across that very good city class horse we all aspire to own, it is important that you remain realistic. If you go into ownership and plan on having a great time, meeting new people, going to the races, open days, track work and have a desire to learn just what it takes to get your horse to the races, then you have started on a winning note. Remaining both positive and realistic about your horse’s ability will ensure that you have a great experience. You may own a horse that races competitively in the country or provincial areas, or a budding superstar that contest the rich race meetings in town. In any event, racehorse ownership is highly addictive, a fantastic thrill and the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Does SJ Racing retain any prize money that your horse may earn?

Absolutely not.

All prize money is distributed to the owners once 10% is awarded to the trainer, 5% is awarded to the jockey and 1.5% to the stable hand.

The trainer/jockey/stable hand percentages are set industry rates.

Does my name appear in the race book?

Yes. If you own an interest then your name will appear in the race book as an individual owner, and therefore entitles you to full owner privileges.

Can I talk to the trainer directly?

SJ Racing encourage you to have full race day access to your trainer where you can discuss pre-race tactics and post race discussions. We encourage all owners to be as involved as possible, however SJ Racing pride ourselves in giving the best customer service in the industry and we ask that all enquiries be forwarded through us. SJ’s provide an extensive management service that will provide all the answers to your questions in regards to your horse’s health and activities.

Are there any risks involved?

Yes. While we use every possible resource to ensure that your horse has a lengthy and successful career, it is possible that your horse may be injured or requires a certain period of recovery due to injury. It is also possible for horses to break down and never race again.

So, what happens once a horse’s racing career is over?

Most horses have residual value once their racing career is over. A Filly usually goes to stud and can be valuable if they have had a solid racing career. About 90% of colts are gelded for various reasons. If your horse was to remain a colt and have a successful racing career, then he may be sent to stud. This can prove to be financially rewarding for owners of the colt. All proceeds of sale are distributed per the share amount owned minus associated cost.

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